modern folk music
without boundaries

A one-man band. Old instruments. New music.
Influences from all over the world.
From yesterday. From today.

Let me lead you..



Music has no boundaries. The Minstrel Muse has no boundaries. Roots firmly planted in folk, they grow in all directions. Want to hear?

The first steps..

The Minstrel Muse started way back in 2004, when the love for folk grew strong in one man. During the past 10 years several songs were recorded, but never released in physical form. Skip to 2015, and the time has come to put the project in a higher gear.

First EP.

The first EP will be released end 2015-begin 2016. It will be free to download, but will also be printed in small numbers on CD. For more news, please follow us on Facebook.

The instruments.

Hurdy-gurdy. Bagpipes. Guitar. English concertina. Whistles. Didgeridoo. Mouth harp. Harmonica. Dulcimer. Mandolin. Banjo. Ukulele. Percussion. Bass.

The musician.

Tom Swinnen. Started playing guitar at the age of 13. That was more than a decade and a half ago. Picked up almost every instrument he liked since. Can't read a single music note.

And, the tunes?

You can find some of my old tunes on Last.FM but a snippet of my latest song, the first to be featured on the EP is on YouTube. Follow the link!

Need to contact me?